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"A Will Is Not Enough"
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Virginia book - By Amelia Phol Esq and Stephen J. Kaufmann Attorney 
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New Release: 

Basic Estate Planning 
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Personal and Small Business
Asset Protection and Estate Planning 
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Stephen J. Kaufmann
The following are the items available at the Video/Book Store:

Best Investment
Personal and Small Business Estate Planning Kit
A Will Is Not Enough Book, Chart Your Course workbook and
Basic Estate Planning video and free Estate Planning Assessment

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Click to order Chart Your Course Estate Planning Workbook ($29.00 includes S&H) 

    Basic Estate Planning Video ($29.00 includes S&H) 

    Basic Estate Planning  Video and Charitable Giving Download

    Basic Estate Planning  Workbook Download  ($29.00 includes S&H)

    A Will Is Not Enough in Virginia  ($29.00 includes S&H) 
    Ask for Basic Estate Planning Video Free with the book for donation of $29.00
    ( includes S&H) 37 minutes, topics include: Probate, Wills, Trusts,
    Power of Attorney, Avoiding Estate Taxes, Family Protection Estate Planning

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