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Living To
To Provide  Wireless Internet To
Main Streets USA


Get Connected Wireless on Main Street, In
school,  on the Job, In the Parks and at Home
No Contracts: wireless cards can be rented or purchased.
Limited cards available upon request and special Business connections available Upon Request on limited basis.

presents Wireless Access for
Main Streets in USA

Supporting the Living To Learn program that provides
learning and mentoring opportunities connecting community youth and elders in a
virtual Learning environment.

All Proceeds support not for profit - ABC Learning Park
Eldership and Youth and Wellness Programs

Contact for Organization and Business Sponsorship
Programs so you can help support ABC Learning Park
Programs with a Living To Learn Station at your business or home or organization.

Payment Options:

Credit Card : debit for 6 month prepay with 10% discount on credit
                          card monthly debit. 

Checks      : paid 6 months in advance and payment due 30 days in

Why choose wireless access?
With all your high-speed options out there,
Wireless is your best value. Wireless goes where
you go, with a constantly expanding network of
hotspots, and local service throughout the town of
Luray. With the Luray hotspot you get all the high-
speed services you need, like email, virus filtering,
greater than 1.0mbs access speeds, secure virtual
desktops, and more. Best of all, it's affordable;
starting at $29.99 per month, get the speed of DSL
or cable at half the price.

Living To
Creating Virtual connections for Elders and
Youth to Learn
from each other and help
Make Better Choices In Life


To Enroll Call 800 232 8570

Enroll Online @

Creating Virtualconnections for Elders and Youth to Learn


Special Introductory Rate Packages
Businesses call for Special rate
Information and Package Options  

Business  Packages From 39.99 – 129.99 With Option for 
Your Office or Personal Virtual Business Desktop that
follows you and your employees anywhere and everywhere.
Introductory Residential and
Student Living To Learn Package
Light Home Use - 25 hours a month 
19.99  plus $7.00 WIFI card rental
Unlimited Home Use 39.99 plus $7.00 WIFI card rental
Card Rental $7.00 month or you can purchase WIFI Card for
$86.00 one Time Fee.
Wireless cards Deposits - Fees
Local Visitors Deposits $75 returned when
wireless card is returned undamaged.
Wireless Card Purchase $86.00
Luray Net Wireless Card Rental Rates: 
Monthly Rental: $7.00 plus wireless fee
Hourly $3.00 includes wireless fee
Daily $5.00 includes wireless fee
Weekly $12.00 includes wireless fee
Introductory Organization or Group 
Enrollments Monthly fee for groups of 10
minimum or more

Students $15.99 plus $7.00 WIFI Card rental     
Library members 15.99 plus $7.00 WIFI card rental
Community Organizations Get Group Discount
organization member 15.99 plus $7.00 card rental
Favorite Restaurant sign up  15.99
Classroom Sign up 15.99 month plus $7.00  rental

Additional Wireless Card use and Virtual Desktop also
available to purchase by the month. Above rates are
introductory and will increase in 6 months 25%
discounted introductory price - for 6 months only rates will
be locked in for 1 year after 6 months.
To sign up now – call:  800 232 8570   24/7 or
visit Living To


Living To Learn

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Saying... about
Wireless – I
enjoy the
freedom and
knowing I can
get online
anytime  and be
secure, "
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Membership ENROLLMENT Options
$10. month for weekender wireless Learning park
$15 month for Weekender Wireless Main Street
$35. month for Family Wireless Membership
$55. month for Family Virtual Desktop Membership
$59. month for Business Virtual Desktop


Best Family Investment
$79.00 for unlimited Wireless and
Virtual Desk Top That is accessible anywhere
anytime from any computer
 We do not share any information - we do protect your privacy.


(Exactly as you would like it to appear on Membership Certificate)
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Business Address:____________________________________
Resident Address:____________________________________
State:_____________________  Zip:_______________________

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Living To Learn OFFICE HOURS:
Mon. - Fri. 9 AM -5 PM EST  Call: -800 232 8570


Enroll Now For
Completing the below form and
fax to 703 852 4444 or mail to
LivingTOLearn PO BOX 669
Luray, VA  22835

Your Living To Learn Oath with Enrollment

   I agree to represent a standard of Mentoring, Sharing and Caring as an    upstanding and Productive Citizen of my Community.  I promise to share knowledge and support the learning environment for all. I agree to spread the word about the Living To Learn and Heritage Mentoring with Elders and Youth program.  I agree to help enhance the opportunities of the Youth and to help them make better choices to improve their social, stress, parenting, coping, employment, and quality of life choices in life.  I will support others that help to provide opportunities for Youth – so they will be able to make better choices with more opportunities resulting from sharing and caring.  I will do my best to help improve the community by encouraging neighbors and friends to reach out and strive to help others towards  development of Living To Learn Chapters within My Community.  I pledge to support, cooperate, and assist my fellow Living To Learn members with honor, integrity, and teamwork and due diligence for the highest standards of setting an example. I understand that I do not practice professionally, nor provide any advice unless I am licensed to do so. I agree that I will not do anything to break the law or encourage any youth to do anything that could be harmful to them or others.  I pledge to report any suspicious activity that could be harmful in the internet.  I will strive to help others excel in areas I may be able to contribute to them and help them reach their goals within the law of the land.

Living To Learn Enrollment Memorandum of

Understanding and Agreement
I am committed to working with others and, dedicated to protecting
youth and Elderly and my community.

I understand that no services are provided for members except for wireless internet.  I understand that no memberships are transferable or re-salable to any other individual, firm or entity. I understand that hardware for wireless internet is the property of and is intended solely for the business and educational purposes of the business, elder or student member.  That use of the internet card will not be for anything that is illegal or inappropriate for youth.

I pledge to support learning in my community for visitors, youth, elders and anyone in my community through proper use of the wireless facilities.  No educational materials provided for educational purposes will be edited or be distributed to any other person without the written permission of; (2) all tuition for any programs is nonrefundable; (3) any disputes involving legal action shall be construed according to Virginia law and only through the Virginia court system in Luray, VA ; (4) may change and/or modify any part of the program including fees (s) without prior notice; only has the integrity, competence, professional image and confidence to the public that the member  represents to peers, and the general public; (6) that has no responsibility of any actions of members in any way.

I have read, understood and agree to the above terms for enrollment for the program of The ABC-Learning  I understand that any unethical or illegal actions by me as perceived by the could terminate my membership with ABC-Learning  

Signature: __________________________Date________

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Address: ___________________City: ________________ State: __________

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Living To Learn

P O Box 669 - Luray, VA 22835

Fax: 703 852 4444 

Credit Card Enrollments Complete below or

Call: -800 232 8570


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