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Local couple opens park for 

training,  healing retreats

Pamela McNeely Flasch

Staff Writer


This peaceful pond is a quest oasis at the ABC Learning Park, off Fairview Road in Luray, run by Taking Care of


Stephen and Bonnie Kaufmann have found a unique way to blend their occupations, interests and work together.   ABC Learning Park, off Fairview Road in Luray, is the result of the couple using their talents to create a place where clients can learn about a variety of topics in a hands-on atmosphere. 


Bonnie, a retired builder from the Washington, D. C. area and counselor for Warren County schools takes her experience as a builder and a counselor to teach construction to a wide audience.  Stephen, an elder law attorney specializes in representing the issues of senior citizens, which he also addresses through training for LIFE Planners at the park.  Together, the two offer a ministry of healing through teaching. 


At the 31 acre park, families, groups or individuals may choose from diversity of programs, from workshops on solar or green building to business or leadership retreats.


“We are located in the heart of this pristine nature, “ Bonnie says. “ We’re on the migration trail of the bird sanctuary.  Our park offers both a view of the mountains and the majesty of this region.”

Stephen, who holds a master’s degree in history, teaches about pre-frontier mores, with an emphasis on the ethics, integrity and faith of pioneers. From telling the stories of trappers and Native Americans, to campfires and primitive outdoor cooking, the Kaufmann’s strive to present a program that blends history, nature and spirituality. Guests at the park may choose from horseback riding, karaoke, bird watching and classes on history as well as the use of herbs to name but a few of the activities offered.  “It doesn’t take long for the solitude and serenity of the park to take hold, “Stephen promises.


Because of their interest in elder law and elder abuse, the Kaufmann’s want to provide mediation for those who find themselves in crises regardless of age.

In addition to welcoming groups, the Kaufmann’s are also looking for volunteers to train for work at the park as LIFE Planners.  They provide advocacy training for those that want to help people that are grieving or hurting.

According to Bonnie, a variety of situations can cause someone to need an advocate.  The advocacy training program at ABC Teaches advocates to work within the parameters of the law” for the sake of the clients, as well as the advocates themselves.


At the park, they offer one – on one, group or family counseling.


“Sometimes people don’t know where to turn” Bonnie says.  “They need help but not necessarily the kind of help offered by calling a hotline or 911. They may be

Uncomfortable turning to their church or someone they know.”


The Kaufmann’s seek to be that place for the people of Page County and beyond.

ABC Learning Park

What: thirty one acre park offering wedding and
family packages, horses, trails, senior and youth activities, hiking.

Where:  Learning Park Road, Luray

Run by: Taking Care of

·         Phone: 540 860 2664 or

·         1-877 Luray Getaway

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