Welcome to Critter Park
 from Steve and Bonnie Kaufmann

This photo is actually from a trip in Hawaii -
We trail ride everywhere we get the chance
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Part of our Taking Care of People Farm

"Horses are our love along with all critters that bring us peace
Horses are the most calming creatures as they demand your full attention and take your
 stress away like no other companion on earth
Our task is to be calm on them and they will respond to concentration on them and
reflect back to us how we love them as we ride and handle them.
We can learn so much about ourselves as we learn to
handle horses that demand our full attention and respect. "
  Bonnie Kaufmann

See Honey below how happy she is...
that is pure joy when your animal reflects her
joy to you after a full training session that was all
about no bucking and how to act like a lady!

Honey Laughing

Honey Loves Kisses - and she loves to laugh when you kiss her
We Welcome you to bring your horse or you can come and ride one of our
horses on the Taking Care of People Farm - Where you can relax, take in
the beauty of the Shenandoah Mountains, birds singing and laugh like
honey below and pass the time away feeling the calming peace that
surrounds you like a river.  Getting Back to the basics of life is what
we do here.  Many courses are available for groups of 6 or more that
you can request and we can make arrangements for.

Your hearts desire is how we aim to please - family and business groups welcome.

Horse breeding, riding, grooming
lessons, trail riding lessons, hunting lessons, hiking, camping in our
tee pees your tents or staying at one of our lodging arrangements for a
family or as a couple or a business group.
Duffers course, hiking trails, canoeing, lake fishing, 
golf course mountain climbing all within minutes.

See lodging at the Wellness House and Ice House

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call 540 743 5033